This Thanksgiving, Don’t Let Retailers Steal Your Family Time!

Thanksgiving - no shopping

The annual Christmas Commercialization Controversy is kicking in a day early in 2013. That’s because this year retailers across the country, clamoring for bigger profits, have extended the shopping season by one day—announcing that they will remain open on Thanksgiving Day.  That means that Thanksgiving Day, many dinners will be eaten on the fly, as mothers and their working teenage children head to the mall to shop or, conversely, to work at their retail jobs in stores where the shoppers wil … [Read more...]

On Thanksgiving: Eat. Pray. Love. Do Not Watch Lady Gaga.

Oh, gag me.  ABC has just announced that on Thanksgiving Day, as Americans sit back to digest the turkey and stuffing, the network will air a 90-minute prime-time special “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving.”Call me a cynic, but I’m thinking this won’t be your typical “Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” kind of show.  Hopefully, the pop star won’t be wearing a dress of turkey cutlets; but other than that, my expectations are pretty low.  She’ll sing eight songs, including some from her current hit CD “Born This … [Read more...]