A Happy Ending to USF “Priest=Toilet” Controversy

Toilet 2

A few days ago, I told you the story of an anti-religious incident at the University of South Florida, in which a professor had equated priests with excrement.  I had contacted the professor, Dr. Timothy Weil, for comment; but instead, I received a response from his dean, Dr. Julianne Serovich.  The case was being reviewed, she assured me, and a response would be sent to the Catholic League. I expected the usual “academic-freedom-blah-blah” sort of statement to be issued by USF.  I … [Read more...]

Priest = Toilet? Professor’s Crude Analogy Draws Fire from Catholics – UPDATED

Clerical collar

A college professor holds up a picture showing a priest holding a crucifix on one side, and a toilet on the other side.  Between the two images is an equal sign. “What does this mean?” he asks his audience. Someone quickly yells, “They’re both full of shit!” The audience laughs; and the professor gleefully strolls around the classroom, repeating the refrain. *     *     *     * Does this bother you?   Well, it bothers the Catholic League; and it … [Read more...]

Michelangelo’s David – and the World’s Worst Toilet

Michelangelos David

Some days one idea catapults into another, with the result that the sublime slams headlong into the ridiculous, producing a flaming nonsequitur of a blog post.  Today is one of those days. I read that on September 13, 1501, Michelangelo began carving what is perhaps his pièce de résistance, the 17-foot marble sculpture of David, the Renaissance ideal of perfect humanity.   And I remembered the day we saw [well, ALMOST saw] The Statue, and the day I saw The Toilet. We, eight of us, … [Read more...]