Barbie and Ken Meet Mary, Jesus and the Difunta Correa

Barbie as Mary

Oh, Barbie, how you've changed!"Barbie, the Plastic Religion" is the title for an exhibition opening October 11 in Buenos Aires, which features the 1950s power couple dressed as figures in various world religions.Marianela Perelli and Pool Paolini, two artists from Argentina, have created 33 dolls which represent figures from Catholicism, Judaism, Buddhism and Islam.Here is Barbie as a blonde Virgin Mary:And here, a crucified Christ on the Cross looks remarkably like Barbie's … [Read more...]

Creative Easter Baskets for Catholic Kiddies

Easter Basket

Easter's coming!  And as much as children love the jelly beans and the chocolate bunny and the marshmallow eggs, there are lots of moms and dads who want to inject some faith into the Easter basket.When our children were small, we were sometimes successful in finding white chocolate crosses or tiny rosaries in plastic egg cases to press into the plastic grass in their baskets.I have some other ideas, though, for dedicated Catholic parents who want to be sure that Easter Day is both (a) … [Read more...]

Win Two “Shining Light Dolls”–Here’s How!

Shining Light Dolls

Well, these are just so cute!The Holy Father is consecrating the WORLD to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on Sunday October 13, promoting devotion to Our Lady.  On the same day, the Equipping Catholic Families blog is hosting a Shining Light Dolls Giveaway.The dolls are 3.5″ tall and made of rotocast vinyl: safe, durable, unbreakable and no removable parts!  They are perfect for inspiring devotion to Our Lady in our kids with their little praying faces and posture and contemporary styling th … [Read more...]