Catholic Checkers! I Just Love This!

Checkers to Saints

This……just charmed my socks off. Poking around on the web, I stumbled upon this checker set.  Monica, a self-described wife, mom of 5+ kids, designer, architecture school survivor, author and crafter—runs the Arma Dei blog and develops creative teaching tools like this for her family.The “checkers” are custom-painted peg dolls, designed to look like the folks in Monica’s family and their favorite patron saints.  Monica suggests two ways to play:Mixed teams of family members a … [Read more...]

A Good Idea Morphs Into “Skinhead Barbie”?

Bald Barbie

A few days ago, I posted an article about L’Osservatore Romano’s expressed support for “Bald Barbie.”  In a weekend column, the Vatican newspaper had encouraged Mattel to consider selling the hairless doll in stores, for the benefit of children who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy or illness.A reader sent me this link from the Orlando-Sentinel: KISSIMMEE – A "skinhead" Barbie doll, … [Read more...]

Vatican Newspaper Makes the Case for “Bald Barbie”

Bald and Beautiful Barbie

L’Osservatore Romano, the official newspaper of the Vatican, is asking toy manufacturer Mattel Inc. to consider marketing a “Bald Barbie doll.” Barbie—Mattel’s tall, buxom doll that has been a fashion icon since the 1960s—has evolved with the culture. Her friend Becky uses a wheelchair, but Becky doesn’t feel sorry for herself; no, au contraire, Becky’s happily productive and serves as the school photographer. Last year, I wrote about Tokidoki Barbie, a modern-day tart who sports tat … [Read more...]