First Century Rabbi: A Jewish Scholar Teaches About Jesus

Jesus First Century Rabbi

"God makes himself felt in the heart of each person.  He also respects the culture of all people....   God is open to all people.  He calls everyone.  He moves everyone to seek Him and to discover Him through creation." --Jorge Mario Bergoglio (now Pope Francis) in On Heaven and EarthAs a Catholic, I found it unsettling to review a book by such an esteemed scholar as Rabbi David Zaslow.  Might we, I worried, stand unflinching on opposite sides of a yawning chasm:he, speaking only … [Read more...]

THINK THIS, NOT THAT #3: Is the Holy Spirit Really God? The Trinity, As Defined in Constantinople I

The first council of Constantinople was convened in 381 A.D. in—guess where?—Constantinople.  It was convened by Theodosius, with the goal of uniting the church upon the basis of the orthodox faith.  But travel was  difficult at that time, and despite Theodosius’ good intentions, the council was poorly attended—with no Western bishops or legates in attendance.  Only a few bishops from Egypt attended, and they arrived late.  In reality, then, the council was only a synod of bishops from Thrace, As … [Read more...]

The Seashell and the Three-In-One

Augustine of Hippo lived a wild life—abandoning the faith, fathering a child out of wedlock, and rejecting the values of his mother Monica.Monica, however, prayed for her son, that he would turn back to God.  For thirty years, Monica prayed unceasingly for her son—who eventually was converted, and who became one of the Church’s greatest theologians.  He was named Doctor of the Church, and the story of his dramatic conversion gives hope to mothers who pray for their wayward children, and hope … [Read more...]