Australian Nun Among Dead in Malaysian Plane Crash

Sister Philomene Tiernan

Of course, every life that was lost aboard the Malaysian jet which was shot down over eastern Ukraine was of immeasurable value.Lost are vacationing Dutchmen, a helicopter pilot, AIDS researchers, university students, and entire families including 100 children.My goal is not to tell you that one life was worth more than the others--only to show, by citing the contributions of one individual who lost her life this week, how much all of humankind has lost with the deaths of these 298 … [Read more...]

Remember Those Nude FEMEN Protesters? French Court Imposes €1,500 Fine

FEMEN protester in Cologne Cathedral

You remember the lovely ladies from FEMEN, don't you?  They're the unseemly Ukraine-based feminists who consider it their personal mission to strip naked in demand of abortion.  They especially hate the Catholic Church for its defense of traditional morality and its opposition to abortion and same-sex "marriage."So at the 10:00 a.m. Mass in Germany's Cologne Cathedral on Christmas Day 2013, they staged a protest--desecrating the altar before being hauled off by the ushers and the p … [Read more...]

Bishop Paprocki Issues Pastoral Letter, Calls for All Tabernacles To Be Centered and Prominently Displayed

Chalice and paten

Bishop Thomas J. Paprocki, Bishop of Springfield in Illinois, issued a pastoral letter on June 22 on liturgy and adoration. Titled "Ars celebrandi et adorandi", the letter addresses the art of celebrating the liturgy properly and adoring the Lord in the Eucharist devoutly. In the letter, Bishop Paprocki cites Fr. Robert Barron, who often speaks about the role of beauty in attracting people to the Church.  He uses Father Barron's analogy from baseball to make his point. He notes that you will n … [Read more...]