Bible That Traveled to the Moon Now Visits the Vatican

Microchip Bible

In February 1971, astronaut Edgar Mitchell traveled to the moon aboard Apollo 14, carrying with him a reminder of the Creator:  a tiny Bible.  I told the story of the "space bible" when it was up for auction two years ago (and I linked to some notable prayers from space).Now the microchip Bible will be among items displayed at the Vatican in a special exhibit called "Verbum Domini II:  God's Word Goes Out to the Nations."  The exhibit, which runs from April 2 through June 22, will feature art … [Read more...]

First-Ever Painting of Native Americans—Discovered in the Vatican?

Close-up of a section of Pinturicchio's "The Resurrection", showing native Americans in feather headdresses

Pinturicchio’s fresco of “The Resurrection” has adorned a wall at the Vatican for 519 years—but someone just noticed that there are native Americans in the scene.   It was 1494 when the Renaissance painter completed the fresco in the Borgia Apartments, now part of the Vatican Library.  Christopher Columbus had just returned from discovering the New World—and had reported that there were men there who danced nude, painting their bodies and wearing feathered headd … [Read more...]

When Wiki Won’t Work: The Vatican's Big "Oops!"

 Any typos in this article shall be blamed on the typist’s incessant giggling. The Vatican’s Secret Archives—arguably the world’s largest historical research institution—contains some 52 miles of shelves, on which are stored things known and unknown:  precious documents from the Middle Ages and earlier; manuscripts and artwork; papal bulls and stuccoed walls; letters from Michelangelo; Henry VIII’s Bill of Divorcement; original works by Thomas Aquinas; and so much more. In all, the Archives … [Read more...]