Will the Vatican Establish a Secretariat for Communications? And What Would That Mean for Bloggers?

Attendees at the Vatican Blog Meeting May 2, 2011

News this morning out of Rome:  Giacomo Galeazzi, writing for Vatican Insider, reports that the Vatican is considering establishment of a Secretariat for Communications, which would be a dicastery of the Roman Curia having oversight responsibility similar to that of the newly established Secretariat for the Economy.If the Secretariat is established, it will be a centralized structure which would coordinate offices including the Vatican Press Office, the Pontifical Council for Social … [Read more...]

No Place in the Church for the Catholic Bloggers?


Did Pope Francis really say that there is no place in the Church for Catholic bloggers?Um…. No.  Apparently, though, Britain’s Archbishop Vincent Nichols, archbishop of Westminster, has tried to make it seem as though the pontiff doesn’t want us Catholic bloggers around.According to British writer William Oddie, the archbishop quoted Pope Francis, then skillfully manipulated the Pope’s remarks to make it seem that Pope Francis didn’t much appreciate the Catholic bloggers, suggesting t … [Read more...]

Pope Encourages Use of New Media!

Pope on social media

In May 2011, the Vatican held their first-ever Vatican Blogfest, bringing together 150 bloggers from around the world.On June 29, 2011—with a quick touch of his iPad—Pope Benedict launched the Vatican’s new, updated website, news.va.In November 2011, I reported about the extensive use  of social media at the U.S. Bishops’ Fall General Assembly—especially the fine reporting by the USCCB’s “Uber-Tweeter” Bishop Christopher Coyne.And in November 2012, the U.S. bishops will strengthen … [Read more...]