Blogging Bishops: Faith in the Digital Areopagus

The Areopagus - on the hillside near Athens

In ancient Greece, the“areopagus” was the meeting point, the arena where intellectuals and philosophers gathered for discussion and debate.  The great high court of Athens, it was said that the god Ares was tried at the areopagus for the death of Poseidon’s son Alirrothios.  Like the “town square” of colonial America, the areopagus was the place where announcements were made, where ideas were debated, where criminal and civil cases were decided.The Apostle Paul spoke to the leaders i … [Read more...]


Unless you’ve just come out from under a rock, you’ve probably seen a story—no, ten stories!—about Pope Benedict’s tweet.On June 29, the 60th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood, the Pope pushed the button on his iPad and—voila!—launched the much anticipated new Vatican website, was among the Catholic bloggers who, at the invitation of the Vatican, attended the May 2 Vatican Blogfest where we were treated to a preview of the multimedia site, then still under development. … [Read more...]

ROME, WITH A SMILE. It's Different There.

First, a little laugh at my expense.I used to do conference and event planning.  Our guests were accustomed to finer things, and so we set out to give them “the best”—whatever that was.  Perhaps it meant that we had a special treat delivered to their rooms each day, when they were at the conference events.  One day it might be a chocolate bar in the shape of the corporate logo.  Next day, a crystal picture frame.  Then, an autographed book….So I talked, as I packed for my Rome trip, about whe … [Read more...]