Justin Bieber Screws Up Again–This Time, Inside the Papal Palace

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber got into hot water with the Beverly Hills Police Department on October 15, after neighbors complained about a loud party lasting into the night.The latest run-in with the law was only days after the troubled star got into trouble with the Swiss Guards.  According to the Catholic Herald, Bieber had paid the sum of £16,000 (more than $25,000) for a private tour of Vatican City.  Bieber and his entourage were given private access to the Vatican Museums and the papal apartment wit … [Read more...]

ISIS Imagines Their Flag Atop the Obelisk in St. Peter’s Square


 Dabiq, the online propaganda magazine published by the Islamic State, is named after the town of Dabiq in northern Syria.  The town is mentioned in a hadith (a prophetic saying by the prophet Mohammed) about Armageddon, the great final battle at the end of time.  According to Islamic tradition, Dabiq is the place where the Muslim and Christian armies will eventually face each other. The magazine has just released their new edition, the fourth issue--and there, on the front c … [Read more...]

What’s a “Synod”? The Holy See Press Office Explains the Basics

Pope Francis at the Synod

As the 2014 Synod on the Family gets underway, the Holy See Press Office continues to keep us informed.In this brief video, they try to explain the process and structure:  What's a Synod?  Who attends?  What are the objectives?Whether you're experienced with "All Things Vatican" or you're watching for the first time as the wheels of the Church slowly turn, you'll appreciate this clever lesson in ecclesiology. … [Read more...]