For the First Time Ever, a Woman Is Awarded the Ratzinger Prize

Anne-Marie Pelletier

Anne-Marie Pelletier, a French Biblical scholar who has written on Christianity and women, is the first woman recipient of the Ratzinger Prize in theology, it was announced today in the Vatican. Cardinal Camillo Ruini, president of the Scientific Committee of the "Vatican Foundation: Joseph Ratzinger - Benedict XVI", made the announcement this morning in a press conference in the Holy See Press Office.  The award will be presented November 22, 2014 to two individuals:  In addition to Dr. P … [Read more...]

Oldest Vatican Film, Dated 1896, Features Pope Leo XIII in the Rose Garden

Pope Leo XIII 3

In 1896, Pope Leo XIII became the first pope ever to be captured on film.Clearly, His Holiness did not understand the film industry.  You can see him respond to an off-screen reminder that this is not a still-life photo, but a real moving picture.   Back and forth, he waves his hand stiffly in the air--playing for the camera. *     *     *     *     * Some years ago, while serving as conference director for Legatus, I took our group of pilgrims to visit the offices of the Pontifical Council … [Read more...]

Pope Francis’ Simplicity vs. Cardinal Bertone’s Elegance: Let’s Clear This Up Once and For All

Cardinal Bergoglio, (before his election to the papacy) wearing simple vestments, looks at Cardinal Bertone's richly embroidered vestments

IS POPE FRANCIS UPSET because Cardinal Bertone is moving into a larger residence in Vatican City?According to The Independent, sources claim that Pope Francis is "furious" that Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, retiring from his position as the Vatican's Secretary of State, is creating a lavish home for his retirement.The insinuation is that Pope Francis--who has repeatedly called for a "poorer church" and who has chosen to live in the Domus Sancta Marthae, a "simple guest house", rather than … [Read more...]