Buon Appetito! Swiss Guard Authors Cookbook of Papal Favorites

Swiss Guard authors cookbook

Pope Francis' favorite dishes from his native Argentina are among the recipes included in Buon Appetito, a just-published cookbook by 24-year-old David Geisser.  Also included are some favorites of Pope Benedict XVI and Pope John Paul II.Geisser should know:  As a member of the Pontifical Swiss Guard, he has had the opportunity to ask top Vatican officials about the pontiffs' favorite foods.Some of Pope Francis' favorites featured in the new cookbook are empanadas; roast sirloin, known in … [Read more...]

No Surprise Here! Vatican Conference Ends With Affirmation of Marriage

Humanum - marriage conference

The Vatican's three-day colloquium on The Complementarity of Man and Woman in Marriage has ended today, not surprisingly, with an affirmation of marriage.What WAS surprising--at least to me--was the pure poetry of the closing statement.   Participants listened to a reading of "A New Affirmation of Marriage"--which explained why wedding celebrations are joyful.  The statement, along with additional information about the conference, can be accessed at the website; but for your convenience, I've … [Read more...]

Pope Francis’ New Idea: Raffling Off His Stuff for Charity!

Pope Francis riding in a Fiat during his trip to Brazil

A Fiat.  A coffee maker.  Some bikes.These are among the gifts which Pope Francis has received from fans and visitors.  And rather than stashing the unneeded items in a closet or a garage, this most practical pontiff is raffling them off to raise money for the poor and homeless.Posters advertising the raffle have gone up around Rome.  The raffle tickets, priced at 10 Euros ($13), are on sale at the Vatican Post Office and Vatican Pharmacy, as well as at the Museums and the Pilgrim and Tou … [Read more...]