In Rome, It’s Pedal to the Metal, Full Speed Ahead

St Peters Basilica

Is it just me?  I'm amazed lately by all of the reports coming out of Rome regarding new commissions and councils, and the heavy load they're carrying.  I know this is the Internet age and news is communicated quickly--but it certainly seems that Pope Francis has things rocking in the Eternal City!  THE COUNCIL OF CARDINALS A statement has just been released, upon the conclusion of three days of meetings by the Council of Eight, the Cardinals (including our own Cardinal O'Malley of B … [Read more...]

An Unexpected Privilege: The Day I Attended Mass with Pope John Paul II and Cardinal Ratzinger

The faithful wait for Mass to begin at the great altar in St. Peter's Basilica, September 28, 2003

Talk about being in the right place at the right time!It was September 2003, and I was leading a pilgrimage to Rome for a group of Catholic CEOs, members of Legatus.  We were so busy--Every day of our pilgrimage was filled with tours of historic basilicas, meetings with Vatican officials, lunches and dinners and gelato stands and, of course, daily Mass.  In the entire week we were in Rome, I slept little.  There was only one "free" night, when members of our group were encouraged to explore t … [Read more...]

Vatican Press Office Issues Statement re. That “Communion for Divorced” Story


The Vatican Press Office has issued a clarification regarding the Pope's statement regarding communion for divorced and remarried Catholics.Well, sort of.  What the Vatican Press Office did say, in effect, is "No comment."Father Federico Lombardi, S.J., director of the Holy See Press Office, responded this morning to widespread news reports that Pope Francis telephoned an Argentinian woman, Jacqui Lisbona.  According to a story originating with the Telegraph, the Holy Father called to tel … [Read more...]