If God Filled You Up, It Might Feel Like This

8 Days and This

I've written before about the work of Andrew McNabb.  Andrew and I are friends, and we've shared our hearts--on Facebook and in person.  Once, when I was in Portland, Maine on business, Andrew and I sat and chatted in a coffee shop near his home.  And in December 2010, I wrote about my sheer delight with the stories in The Body of This, McNabb's first published work.Now, Divine Providence Press has released a combination text, Eight Days & Virtue.  Sort of a two-fer, the book includes Vir … [Read more...]

Why UC-Davis’ New Study of Free Will Is Horse Patootie

Free will, scientists at UC-Davis claim, may be nothing more than the result of background noise in the brain.  A study published in April in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience purports to show that humans' decisions can be predicted based on patterns of brain activity in the minutes before the choice is placed before them.According to The Independent, The brain has a normal level of so-called background noise; the researchers found that the pattern of activity in the brain in the … [Read more...]

LENT WITH LEGS: Let “Mercy in the City” Transform Your Lent With an Action Plan

How can you offer sacrifices during Lent?You can drop a 10-spot into the collection plate on Sunday morning, and walk away feeling smug.Or you can “feed the hungry” by sharing your tuna sandwich with a homeless man, “clothe the naked” by purging your closet of seldom worn clothing, and “give drink to the thirsty” by volunteering to offer cool bottled water to runners in New York City's Half-Marathon. *     *     *     *     * Kerry Weber , a Mercy Associate and managing editor of Americ … [Read more...]