The Power of a Mother’s Prayer

Her son was a wild one. She had tried to impart solid virtues and a lively faith—but her atheist husband quashed that with his brusque way and bad example.So when her eldest son reached his teens, he broke away—rejecting Christianity for an occult religion, and preferring an easy life of casual relationships and carefree sex.  He fathered a child out of wedlock.When her son had first begun the drinking, the carousing, the reckless lifestyle, she had turned her back in grief, forcing … [Read more...]

Humble Pie and the Great Wall of Pretending

“This store,” asked the diminutive Filipino woman as I reached for the door at my local Dress Barn, “do they only sell clothes for you, or do they also sell clothes for thin women like me?”What would you have done?  Gotten angry or hurt or insulted?  Laughed it off?I blinked in amazement as the little woman, completely oblivious to her faux pas, waited for my answer.  Then I helped her— explaining that this store is divided in two by a wall.  She would shop on one side of that wall, I on … [Read more...]

Cardinal Law Retires. Now Give a Guy a Break.

I am aware that in saying this, I stand against many of you:  people whom I respect, people whose work on behalf of the Church is laudable.But the vitriol directed against Cardinal Bernard Law must stop!With the news that the Cardinal has quietly resigned from his post as Archpriest of the Basilica of St. Mary Major, the Ethernet is again filling with criticisms and outcries over his reported shielding of abuse perpetrators in the Archdiocese of Boston.  The same was true recently when a p … [Read more...]