Cleavage = Control? I Don’t Think So!

Cleavage of a woman

There's power in cleavage? That was the claim of a recent Detroit Free Press article by columnist Georgea Klovanis which had me steaming.  "Cleavage," the article informed me, "is a powerful, powerful thing." The article quoted Elisabeth Dale, who calls herself a "breast expert" and who writes a blog titled The Breast Life.  "Breasts are very magical," says Dale.   “...They have the power to sustain life.  They’re a huge part of a woman’s own sexuality.  They’ve been taken … [Read more...]

Just What Does Pope Francis Want to Offer Women, That They Don’t Already Have?

woman in church - praying

"Women," says Pope Francis, "should play a greater role in society and the Church."  But what exactly does that mean? Pope Francis spoke on Saturday, January 25 to the national congress of the Italian Women's Centre, a Catholic women's association promoting greater democracy, human rights and human dignity.  “I strongly wish," he said, "...that (opportunities and responsibilities) may open themselves up further to the presence and participation of women, both in the church as well as in … [Read more...]

There You Have It, Folks! Pope Francis on the Fundamental Role of Women in the Church

Pope Francis with women

There was a great hullabaloo in the blogosphere last week, when word got out that Pope Francis had washed the feet of two young women on Holy Thursday.  Was this licit?  Was it a rejection of ecclesiastical law?  A return to Gnosticism?  A bad example for confused Catholics in the pews? Today in St. Peter’s Square, speaking at the Wednesday General Audience, Pope Francis may have tipped his hand—showing us the direction he is headed with regard to the role of women in the … [Read more...]