Bishop Strums the Guitar at Medjugorje

Bishop Eleganti 1

Swiss Bishop Marian Eleganti delighted the crowd by picking up his guitar and joining the band at the annual International Youth Prayer Festival in Medjugorje, July 31-August 6, 2014.Crown of Stars, a British blog which promotes the messages of Medjugorje, has the story: The 58-year-old Benedictine, who is auxiliary bishop of Chur in Switzerland, joined the orchestra and choir on the final day of the week-long event that attracts tens of thousands of young people and families from around … [Read more...]

World Youth Day Logo: Blessed Are the Merciful

WYD 2016 logo - final

OK, here it is:The logo for World Youth Day 2016 has just been unveiled.  At a press conference this morning, the logo and official prayer for the 31st World Youth Day were announced.According to the Vatican Information Service, Three elements are combined in the symbolism of the logo: the place, the main protagonists, and the theme of the celebration. The logo of the 2016 World Youth Day, to be held in Krakow, illustrates the passage from the Gospel according to Matthew, 5.7: … [Read more...]

The Poor, the Pure, the Merciful: Pope Francis Chooses Themes for World Youth Days

World Youth Day 2013

The Vatican has announced this morning that Pope Francis has chosen the themes for the next three World Youth Days.The Holy Father invites young people to focus for the next several years on the Beatitudes, the eight Blessings which Jesus explained in the Sermon on the Mount.  Specifically, Pope Francis chose the following themes for the three-year spiritual journey: 2014 - Twenty-ninth World Youth Day:  "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."2015 - T … [Read more...]