The Talents Given to You and Me


The talents given to you and me We must develop faithfully, So we can be good Mouseketeers! Are you old enough to remember this--when Jimmie led the original Mouseketeers in a rip-roarin' dancing, singing musical celebration of our God-Given Talent? Oh, the Mickey Mouse Club wasn't a religious program, so it wasn't really a prayer--but then again, it was. Someone gave those young gals and guys a whopping big dose of talent and personality, and the Mouseketeers--all of them, not just … [Read more...]

Old Stuff I Really Don’t Miss

Sometimes it seems like all people do is complain.  Contemporary music is (Choose one): (A) Noisy, or (B) Shallow, or (C) Offensive. The American business environment is (Choose one):  (A) Cut-throat, or (B) Impersonal,  or (C) Greedy. My pastor is (Choose one):  (A) Too Conservative, or (B) Too Liberal, or (C) Too Long-Winded. Politicians are (Choose one):  (A) Power-Hungry, or (B) Beholden to Special Interest  Groups, or (C) Unwilling to Listen to the Voters on … [Read more...]