The Talents Given to You and Me


The talents given to you and me We must develop faithfully, So we can be good Mouseketeers!Are you old enough to remember this--when Jimmie led the original Mouseketeers in a rip-roarin' dancing, singing musical celebration of our God-Given Talent?Oh, the Mickey Mouse Club wasn't a religious program, so it wasn't really a prayer--but then again, it was.Someone gave those young gals and guys a whopping big dose of talent and personality, and the Mouseketeers--all of them, not just … [Read more...]

Old Stuff I Really Don’t Miss

Sometimes it seems like all people do is complain. Contemporary music is (Choose one): (A) Noisy, or (B) Shallow, or (C) Offensive. The American business environment is (Choose one):  (A) Cut-throat, or (B) Impersonal,  or (C) Greedy. My pastor is (Choose one):  (A) Too Conservative, or (B) Too Liberal, or (C) Too Long-Winded. Politicians are (Choose one):  (A) Power-Hungry, or (B) Beholden to Special Interest  Groups, or (C) Unwilling to Listen to the Voters on My Special Issue.A … [Read more...]