IN PHILIPPINE MYTHOLOGY, there is a monster known as a “manananggal.” A fearsome creature, the manananggal is a beautiful older woman who preys on unsuspecting pregnant women in their homes. The vampire-like manananggal destroys the developing fetus in the womb, killing it by sucking the child’s heart.The myth is full of weirdness: The manananggal splits into two—and while her lower torso remains behind, the upper torso, aided by huge, bat-like wings, flies off into the night, seeking an unsu … [Read more...]

By the Babe Unborn

I have nothing to add to the profound musings of G.K. Chesterton.  I just ran across this beautiful poem by the prolific English writer and apologist--I thought you'd enjoy. By the Babe Unborn If trees were tall and grasses short, As in some crazy tale, If here and there a sea were blue Beyond the breaking pale,   If a fixed fire hung in the air To warm me one day through, If deep green hair grew on great hills, I know what I should do.   In dark I lie; dreaming that there Are gre … [Read more...]

THE SAN JOSE ARTICLES: Speaking Pro-Life Truth to Pro-Abortion Power

Amid little fanfare, yesterday in the Dag Hammarskjöld Auditorium at the United Nations headquarters in New York, a new document was released to the world.  Called the San Jose Articles, the nine-part document has already been called “the most important pro-life document of our time.”The San Jose Articles begin simply, strongly, effectively:  As a matter of scientific fact, a new human life begins at conception. U.N. officials and liberal American intellectuals have, in recent years, repeate … [Read more...]