HARBINGERS OF A PRO-LIFE SOCIETY? Or Just Aberrant Little Blips on the Radar Screen?

Over the last week, the airwaves have been buzzing with anti-abortion news. Live Action Scores Big in Latest Sting Against Abortion Provider – Last week there was Lila Rose’s shocking exposé of Planned Parenthood, revealing once again that an employee of the sexual and reproductive health care giant had counseled clients in how to obtain reproductive services, including abortions, for under-age women-- in this case, for young women working as prostitutes.  You’ve got to laugh at how a spunky 22 … [Read more...]

WHAT’S IN A NAME? Our Government’s Lopsided Policies Toward the Developmentally Disabled: You Can’t Call Them a Name, But You Can Kill Them at Will

It would be laughable, were it not so tragic.On October 5, 2010, President Obama signed into law S. 2781, “Rosa’s Law.” Introduced by Sen. Barbara Mikulski in 2009, Rosa’s Law changes references in many Federal statutes that currently refer to “mental retardation” to refer, instead, to “intellectual disability.”This is well and good. We will no longer use a term which has become demeaning to certain individuals who, through no fault of their own, have impaired learning skills.  The Feder … [Read more...]

"THE MAN OF THE HOUSE" – A Tribute to Henry Hyde, and Happy Birthday Wishes to Marie Bellet

With what she calls her "housewife songs," Marie Bellet touches on matters of the heart with wisdom and grace. This selection, The Man of the House, honors one of America's heroes of the modern era, Congressman Henry Hyde. Happy Birthday, Marie! … [Read more...]