Free Speech for Me, But Not for Thee: No Pro-Life License Plates in NY

If you are pro-life in New York, you'd better keep it to yourself.That's because the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has just overturned a lower court's decision which permitted the adoption advocacy group Children First Foundation to include the words "Choose Life" on its license plates.It appears that the plates may, in the court's opinion, encourage road rage. John Burger writes, over at Aleteia: According to Judge Rosemary Pooler, who wrote the majority opinion in The Children … [Read more...]

PROFILE IN LOVE: Talented musician, best-selling author, adoption activist and Mom— Deanna Jones’ story is one you’ll never forget

Deanna Jones - family

Late one Saturday evening last Spring, my husband and I had already settled in for the night.  He was watching TV and I was aimlessly web-surfing, reading Facebook status updates, when one photo caught my attention.  There, smiling on my screen, was a photo of a beautiful blonde woman cuddling with several African-American children.  She was my FB friend, sure enough, but who was she and how had we met?Curious, I read Deanna Jones’ profile for the first time.  I checked her websites—two of th … [Read more...]