Argentina Considers Pope Francis Commemorative Coin

One of many commemorative coins which honor the election of Pope Francis

Argentinian lawmakers, proud of the first pope to hail from their country, may soon honor Pope Francis by putting his face on a coin.Argentina’s 480 million Catholics were thrilled by the announcement in March 2013 that then-Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who served as archbishop of Buenos Aires, would become the new Pontiff.The tribute coin was first proposed in April by Rep. Oscar Cachi Martinez, and quickly gained support from congressional committees.  The Argentinian co … [Read more...]

Vatican and Argentina Issue Joint Postage Stamps Honoring Pope Francis (UPDATED)

Joint Vatican - Argentina Stamps

You philatelists out there might be able to tell me whether this is as unusual as it seems:  I have never in my life heard of two nations collaborating on the printing of postage stamps.That’s what happened today, though.  A four-stamp collector’s set of stamps, each featuring a photographic image of Pope Francis, has been issued jointly by the Vatican City State and Argentina.  The set marks the beginning of the new pope’s pontificate, and includes four different stamps with the values of €0 … [Read more...]