Obama’s Education Quip in Northern Ireland: Sensationalized? Or Unabashedly Manipulative?

Celtic cross

First of all, I want to say I’m sorry.Earlier this week, I published a blog post regarding President Obama’s comments in Northern Ireland, on the subject of Catholic education.  That post seems to have drawn ire from some quarters; and even among those who agreed, it elicited a raw emotion which burst forth in the combox.For the record:  I had relied on an early news report from the Scottish Catholic Observer.Speaking to a crowd of some 2,000 young people, Obama said that having Catho … [Read more...]

INAUGURATION 2013: Strength—and a Little Bit of Diversity

Inauguration day 2013

Giglio Is Persona Non Grata After His Christianity Is Exposed The Obama Administration wants next week’s inauguration to be “a celebration of strength and diversity.”   That’s apparently the reason that Pastor Louis Giglio, originally invited to offer a prayer at the Inauguration on January 21, is no longer on the program.I was pleased to read of Giglio’s invitation to offer the prayer.  Having a Christian leader in this role helped to ameliorate Obama’s surprise invitation to Myrlie Evers … [Read more...]

The Turkey Pardon: Metaphor for the Entire Obama Presidency

Normally, I wouldn’t have much to say about a Presidential turkey pardon.  I mean…. Who really cares?But this morning, I happened to see a video of President George W. Bush pardoning the Thanksgiving turkeys during his final year in the White House.  Then, a counterpoint:  I heard President Obama’s turkey pardon on the car radio.The difference in these two pardons was a metaphor for the stark difference in their presidencies.  One is self-absorbed, clownish, mocking of faith, jokes about “luc … [Read more...]