FATHER Z IS WRONG: It’s Christ Cathedral, Not St. Callistus


Getting a lot of play in the blogosphere today:  Father Z’s report that the former Crystal Cathedral has been renamed “St. Callistus.”Father Z has the inside track on a lot of Catholic news—but, uh, not this time.Actually, the Cathedral—once the renovation is complete and it’s converted to a Catholic worship space—will be called “Christ Cathedral.”  The new name was announced in June 2012, after a contest to select the best name for the towering glass church.St. Callistus, on the othe … [Read more...]

It’s CHRIST CATHEDRAL! May America’s Newest Cathedral Shine with the Light of the Gospel

Crystal Cathedral 2

And so it’s official:  The grand glass edifice formerly known as the Crystal Cathedral has been renamed Christ Cathedral, it was announced this morning. More than 1,500 people heard the Most Reverend Tod D. Brown, Bishop of the Diocese of Orange in California, make the announcement today at the close of the ordination ceremony in St. Columban Church, where he ordained four new priests who will serve the diocese. The Crystal Cathedral was designed by architect Philip Johnson, and opened in … [Read more...]

Crystal Cathedral: Was the Holy Spirit the Highest Bidder?

Since 1980 the Crystal Cathedral—that prismatic glass tower that slices Garden Grove’s cerulean skies—has refracted the seven colors of the spectrum in the California sun.  Soon, though, the familiar landmark will shine with the light of the Catholic faith and the seven sacraments.“I don’t think it’ll happen,” said Tim Busch on Monday, November 14, referring to the Diocese of Orange’s bid to acquire the iconic Crystal Cathedral, home to famed televangelist Robert H. Schuller’s “Hour of Power” … [Read more...]