St. Blase

 It’s great to be Catholic—We have so many cherished friends crowding around the throne of God!  Like our earthly friends who are just a phone call away, the saints—those in the Church Triumphant who have already achieved the final goal—can hear the prayers of those of us who lumber along back here in the Church Militant.  When we pray, they carry our fervent prayers and intercede with the Father on our behalf; and Scripture assures us (Proverbs 15:29, Psalm 34:17, John 9:31) that … [Read more...]

PRAYERS FOR OUR SHEPHERDS: The Christmas Mass at Dawn Remembers the Humble Worship in a Stable in Bethlehem

 For the celebration of Christmas, the Catholic Church provides separate Scripture lessons and liturgical prayers for four different Masses:  the Vigil, Midnight, Dawn, and Daytime.  Most of us, though, never hear the readings proclaimed for the Mass at Dawn; we are still tucked warmly in our beds at that hour.  That’s an unfortunate loss, because the readings appointed for that Mass are filled with tender grace. After the presents have been unwrapped and the dinner has been savored, … [Read more...]

Grace and Technology: The USCCB’s Uber-Tweeter

There were many reporters tweeting from the scene of the U.S.Bishops’ Fall General Assembly: Bishop Alexander Sample (Marquette) offering updates from the floor; journalists from the Associated Press and the Catholic media, posting quick notes that would later expand into national press articles; staff at the USCCB Media Desk, tweeting clear and well-designed updates as the action items were settled through the day. I posted, too—sometimes struggling to keep up with the many … [Read more...]