Clark Kent, Crackerjack Reporter, Turned Blogger?


“…facts have been replaced by opinions. Information has been replaced by entertainment. Reporters have become stenographers. I can't be the only one who's sick of what passes for the news today." --Clark KentThere’s a job opening in the journalism world.  After decades in the newsroom at the Daily Planet, Superman quit his job this week.  According to a report in CNN, in the comic book series’ latest issue—which hit newsstands on October 24, 2012—Superman’s alter-ego Clark Kent walked out af … [Read more...]

Inexperienced Blogger Gets to Play on First-String Team: I’M GOING TO ROME!

What a day it’s been!I woke this morning (well, yesterday morning) to find my name on the list of 150 bloggers chosen from among writers all over the world to attend a Catholic Bloggers Conference which is scheduled for May 2 in Rome. The conference—something new for the Vatican!—is co-sponsored by the Pontifical Council for Culture and the Pontifical Council for Social Communications.  It will be offered in five languages simultaneously.When I first heard about the conference on Monday of th … [Read more...]