C.S. Lewis on St. James and the Inherent Conflict in the Astonishing Promise of James 1:6

C.S. Lewis

On July 25, Christians observe the Feast of St. James the Apostle.C.S. Lewis offered a reflection on the apparent contradiction in the Scriptures, as exemplified in James 1:6,  that you will get what you ask for, and yet also prepare yourself submissively in advance for a possible refusal.Be prepared to be frustrated:  He exposes the conundrum, but what he doesn't offer is a solution that you can take to the bank. The New Testament contains embarrassing promises that what we pray for w … [Read more...]

Learning from the Master: C.S. Lewis on Apologetics


For countless readers who have crossed the line from unbelief to embrace the Commandments and the Bible and the Beatitudes and all the lessons which Christ taught, their journey has been guided by the writings of C.S. Lewis.  In Mere Christianity, his most popular apologetics work, Lewis leads his readers along the path of sound reason, helping the reader to discern why *A* is true and *B* is not.  At the end, the preposterous idea that we were created by a loving God, and that He sent His So … [Read more...]

C.S. Lewis Goes to War

C.S. Lewis in 1917 (left) with friend Ernest Moore during World War I.  Moore would later be killed, as were many of Lewis' friends.  (wilsonstation.com)

One imaginative moment seems now to matter more than the realities that followed.  It was the first bullet I heard—so far from me that it “whined” like a journalist’s or a peacetime poet’s bullet.  At that moment there was something not exactly like fear, much less than indifference; a little quavering signal that said, “This is War. This is what Homer wrote about.” --C.S. LewisI was delighted to see in The Blaze an article featuring some never-before-seen photos from World War I.  Of pa … [Read more...]