LIKE DAY AND NIGHT: Two Catholic Groups in Detroit This Weekend

This weekend, there will be two major Catholic conferences in the Archdiocese of Detroit.  Because I think the Detroit News coverage has been so patently slanted, I wanted to point out important differences between them. #1 - CALL TO HOLINESS The Call To Holiness Conference conference will be held on Saturday, June 11, at Burton Manor Conference Center in Livonia.  Call To Holiness, which draws hundreds or thousands of participants each year, is one of the most dynamic events in the Catholic Chu … [Read more...]

CHRISTIANITY À LA CARTE: Please, Father, Give It To Me Straight!

If you’re like most Catholics in the pew, you have rarely (if ever) heard a priest preach on one of these thorny issues:Contraception Racism Premarital Sex Divorce Mandatory attendance at Sunday Mass It’s fairly easy to command, as Christ did, that we “Love one another.”  It’s easy, too, for us to smile and pat ourselves on the back, thinking about all the *LUV* that we dish out each day.  Ah, yes, we must be on the right track!But when it comes to plain old S-I-N….  Well, a lot of us … [Read more...]