Work Toward the Common Good, Pope Exhorts

“In communion with your bishops I invite you, the lay faithful, not to fail to use your skills and responsibilities to contribute to the construction of the common good.”A big challenge from the Pope!  At the Angelus on Sunday, October 9, Pope Benedict exhorted lay Catholics to work toward the good of society. And our Holy Father, speaking in Calabria, in the south of Italy, led by example:  After lunch with local bishops at the episcopal residence of Bishop Luigi Antonio Cantafora, bishop of … [Read more...]


What does it mean to truly love your neighbor?  Can you better show love by:(a)    Telling your neighbor what he wants to hear, or(b)   Telling him the truth, even if it’s going to cause some discomfort?Is it truly loving to:(a)   Give him whatever he wants, or(b)  Give him only those things which will truly help him in his development-- physically, politically, emotionally, and spiritually?These questions have been front-and-center in the “He Said, She Said” controversy that’s reache … [Read more...]