A Completely Different Side of Bill Donohue Revealed in His Latest Book

The Catholic Advantage

You probably have seen Bill Donohue in action.  The feisty president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights is a frequent commentator on broadcast television and in the media, standing against discrimination and defamation of Catholicism in the public forum.  With his characteristic sharp tongue and his moral outrage at brazen offenses in media, in politics and in culture, Donohue is a bulldog for the faith.I saw a different side of Bill Donohue in his new book The Catholic Adv … [Read more...]

Priestly Sex Abuse: Get the Facts Straight

Last week on this blog, someone threw a grenade in the combox.  It was one of those unsubstantiated rants, something like, "The Catholic Church should take care of its own business.  Priests abuse children with much greater frequency than people in other helping professions (teachers, ministers, etc.)"It was blatantly untrue, and I called the writer out on it.  The incident reminded me, though, just how much some people still take at face value the untruths and misstatements that are thrown a … [Read more...]