Catholic Coach John Harbaugh Talks About His Faith

John Harbaugh

“Catholic fans! Hey, you know, say a rosary!  Sunday morning for the Ravens!”That’s the Baltimore Ravens’ head coach John Harbaugh speaking.  A lifelong Catholic, Harbaugh—the older brother to  San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh—was the subject of a 2008 article by George Matysek Jr. in Catholic Review.   In it, Harbaugh professed to liking to ring the bells as a young altar boy attending Mass; and he spoke fondly of the nuns whose kind discipline shaped his character, sometimes requiring … [Read more...]

Truth and Beauty: Father Barron's "Catholicism"

Our cable carrier picks up WGN, the network from Chicago which aired several videos from Fr. Robert Barron's 10-part series titled "Catholicism."   The series--at least, four parts of it--will be coming to PBS in October, with the other six videos to be aired on EWTN beginning in November.  I jumped through hoops to see the first ones, adjusting my schedule so that I could attend Mass on Saturday, then sit glued in front of the TV on Sunday morning.  I'm here to tell you that it's GREAT!!I was … [Read more...]

TOMORROW IS CHESTERTON DAY! Well, If You’re in Rome, That Is.

I spotted the announcement this morning:  Over on Facebook, Fr. Antonio Spadaro, S.J.—one of the organizers of the Vatican Blogfest—reported enthusiastically that tomorrow is Chesterton Day at La Civilta Cattolica, the College of Catholic Writers of Civilization.So I looked it up.  The panelists!  The topics!  And it’s free!!  Now all I need to do is buy another ticket to Rome, head to the Via di Porta Pinciana….  *     *     *     *     * Well, that’s just silly.  Funny how, when you do someth … [Read more...]