GOD OF MARY AND JOSEPH, of shepherds and animals,bless us whenever we gaze on this manger scene.Through all the days of Christmas, may these figures tell the storyof how humans, angels, and animals found the Christin this poor place.FILL OUR HOUSE with hospitality, joy, gentleness, and thanksgiving,and guide our steps in the way of peace.GRANT THIS THROUGH CHRIST OUR LORD.  AMEN. … [Read more...]

SEASONS GREEDY! One Shop's Frank Message Has Me Thinkin'

Today at lunch, I strolled through the mall.  Not too many shoppers, I noted, since it’s just a few weeks from Christmas!  Maybe, in this down economy, they’re all at home baking cookies and knitting sweaters for their loved ones…. Then I saw it:  Splayed prominently across a shop window in artificial spray snow were the words ‘SEASONS GREEDY!’“Nah,” I thought.  “Surely they can’t be that ready to admit that it really is about making money!” Silly me!  For the manager at that shop, and for … [Read more...]