145 Unclaimed Bodies Laid to Rest in Archdiocese of Detroit

The seventh corporal work of mercy is to bury the dead.  Usually, we fulfill that work by attending a funeral liturgy and praying for the deceased.  We help a bereaved friend or loved one who is grieving, listening to her stories and drying her tears, helping her to find peace and to pass through the emotional turmoil of loss. In the Archdiocese of Detroit, though, the command has taken on added significance this week as 145 unclaimed bodies have been laid to rest at Our Lady of Hope Cemetery in … [Read more...]

LENT WITH LEGS: Let “Mercy in the City” Transform Your Lent With an Action Plan

How can you offer sacrifices during Lent?You can drop a 10-spot into the collection plate on Sunday morning, and walk away feeling smug.Or you can “feed the hungry” by sharing your tuna sandwich with a homeless man, “clothe the naked” by purging your closet of seldom worn clothing, and “give drink to the thirsty” by volunteering to offer cool bottled water to runners in New York City's Half-Marathon. *     *     *     *     * Kerry Weber , a Mercy Associate and managing editor of Americ … [Read more...]