In Rome, It’s Pedal to the Metal, Full Speed Ahead

St Peters Basilica

Is it just me?  I'm amazed lately by all of the reports coming out of Rome regarding new commissions and councils, and the heavy load they're carrying.  I know this is the Internet age and news is communicated quickly--but it certainly seems that Pope Francis has things rocking in the Eternal City!  THE COUNCIL OF CARDINALS A statement has just been released, upon the conclusion of three days of meetings by the Council of Eight, the Cardinals (including our own Cardinal O'Malley of B … [Read more...]

The Council of Cardinals Is Off and Running!

Council of Cardinals with Pope Francis

The first three-day meeting of Pope Francis’ new, eight-member Council of Cardinals has drawn to a close; and it appears the group will recommend big changes in the way the Vatican is run.Father Federico Lombardi, Vatican spokesperson, told reporters on October 3 that the Council would not simply update Pope John Paul II’s 1988 Apostolic Constitution Pastor Bonus, which governs how the Roman Curia operates; instead, they will work to draft an entirely new constitution, with significant new as … [Read more...]