“COME TO DETROIT!”: Catholic School Leads Letter-Writing Campaign to Pope Francis

Last spring, when word first leaked out that Pope Francis might be coming to America in September 2015, students at Detroit's Cristo Rey High School launched a campaign to invite the pontiff to Detroit.Not content to include only their own invitations, Cristo Rey students asked students at three Detroit elementary schools--Gesu, Holy Trinity and Holy Redeemer--to write letters, as well.  They started a Facebook page, “Let’s Bring Pope Francis to Detroit in 2015,” which is being followed by ne … [Read more...]

You Want Water? Well, Get a Bucket….

Water has been big news in Detroit this week.That's because the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department has issued shut-off notices to thousands of delinquent customers, who have an average past-due bill exceeding $500.  And in a city facing bankruptcy, more than 90,000 of the 323,900 residents are delinquent in paying their bills.  According to an AP report, the amount of past-due payments exceeds $90 million.But did public sentiment turn against the procrastinators, those who were so d … [Read more...]