Hope for Pro-Lifers After European Parliament Ruling

Newborn baby

A decision yesterday in the European Parliament gives hope to pro-lifers, after MEPs voted to send a pro-abortion report back to committee.The report, drafted by Portuguese MEP Edite Estrela, called for making abortion a basic human right and demanded that it be made “legal, safe, and accessible to all.”  The report, drafted with assistance from the International Planned Parenthood Federation, stated that “it is essential for individual, social and economic development that women have the ri … [Read more...]

HAMSTERS JUST GOTTA HAVE FUN! Crops of Their Very Own—and a “Hamster Hotel” for Wannabes

A pesky little rodent from a small enclave in eastern France has nibbled its way into the hearts of the European Court of Justice—and the French government had better protect them, or else!I’m talking here about the Alsatian hamster, a 10-inch bundle of fur that has been having a tough time in France’s rich farmland, especially since farmers began growing summer corn.  Planted later in the year, the cornfields yielded no seeds for the hamsters when they woke from their winter hibernation in the … [Read more...]