French Woman Marries a Dead Guy

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'Til death do us part?In these days of marriage equality, men can marry men; a woman can marry a warehouse or a bridge or a corporation; so why can't a woman marry a dead guy?Now, a French woman is planning to do just that.Michel died two years ago of a heart attack; but his fiancee, Pascale, is ever the romantic--and the lovebirds will soon be wed with the express permission of French President François Hollande.Charisma News explains the little-known French law which allows pos … [Read more...]

Lourdes Approves Repair Plans, After Last Year’s Flooding

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Almost a year after floods swept through southwestern France, the Shrine of our Lady of Lourdes is finally about to be repaired.It was June 2013 when the normally placid Gave de Pau River broke its banks, swamping much of southwestern France and leaving the famed pilgrimage site under water for two days.  Work crews rushed to clear mud and remove debris after the massive flood; but the grotto had been inundated by floodwaters, causing millions of dollars in damage and making the area unsafe … [Read more...]

All Wrong, All the Time: The Tawdry Literature of Nicolas Restif

Nicolas Restif

Dirty books, quickly and carelessly written—almost 200 of them.That’s the legacy of Nicolas-Edme Restif de la Bretonne, prolific French author whose works showcased the sordid aspects of French life and society in the 18th century.  Restif’s writings included a plan for legalizing and regulating prostitution, as well as a vast array of novels, plays, and essays on a wide range of topics.His 16-volume autobiography, Monsieur Nicolas, begins with stories of sexual experiences beginning in e … [Read more...]