Hugs Up in Heaven, As Nicholas Winton Goes to His Reward


I imagine cheering crowds at the gates of Heaven this morning, welcoming Sir Nicholas Winton to his eternal reward. Winton, you may recall, was a stockbroker and humanitarian who saved 669 Jewish children during the Holocaust, finding homes for them in Britain.His obituary in the L.A. Times explains: Winton arranged trains to carry children from Nazi-occupied Prague to Britain, battling bureaucracy at both ends and saving them from almost certain death — and then kept quiet about his ex … [Read more...]

The Silent Sound of Tears: A Reflection on the Holocaust

Seventy years ago today, Allied Forces liberated the concentration camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau, known as the "death factory."  On this day, we remember the victims and we search our hearts:  How could this inhmanity have happened in the modern world? Professor Robert P. George of Princeton offered some sober insights in an essay on the subject.  "The Holocaust," he wrote,"...did not begin with the mass killing of Jews or other ethnic or religious minorities, or even Hitler's political opp … [Read more...]