The Pope Goes Home Today….

"We made it!"  Pope Francis with Rabbi Skorka and the Islamic Omar Abboud

Pope Francis has returned to Rome.On May 26, the last day of his pilgrimage to the Holy Land, the Holy Father stopped to pray at two sacred sites in Jerusalem:  the Western Wall, where he left the Our Father in Spanish tucked into one of the cracks; and  Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial, a memorial to Israeli victims of terrorism.  There, he met with survivors of the Holocaust. As a flame was lit, Pope Francis prayed the following prayer: “Adam, where are you?” (cf. Gen 3:9). Where are you … [Read more...]

The Silent Sound of Tears: Pope Francis’ Reflection on the Holocaust

Violins of Jewish musicians which were discovered after the Holocaust

Pope Francis has hand written a letter to his good friend, Rabbi Abraham Skorka of Buenos Aires, marking Holocaust Memorial Day.In Rome, the January 27 memorial will be marked by a concert entitled "Violins of Hope", which will be held Monday evening (that's right about now, for those of us here in the United States).In his letter, Pope Francis calls the Holocaust "a horror and a disgrace to humanity" that must never be repeated.  The letter will be read aloud at this evening's concert, … [Read more...]

The Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth: Heroes, Then and Now

Sister M. Bonaventure

Today we celebrate the Feast of the Blessed Martyrs of Nowogródek.  I saw this painting this morning and caught my breath:  I recognized the habit, but what was this story!?In the twelve years I spent under the tutelage of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth, I don’t remember ever hearing the story of how eleven of their Sisters died in 1943 in occupied Poland, executed by a Nazi firing squad.  Here is their story. *     *     *     *     * The Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth … [Read more...]