The Holy See Did Not Commit Torture

St Peters Basilica - interior

....But you already knew that.Some people did not know that, though; and so the Critics of Anything Roman, always hoping to give the Church a black eye, tried to suggest that the sexual abuse of minors, which is an abomination and a clear violation of Catholic Church teaching, was a form of state-sponsored torture.Further, they alleged, the Church's stance in opposition to birth control and abortion is also torture.No surprises here:  Among the influential nongovernmental … [Read more...]

BREAKING: Cardinal Pell Named Prefect of the Vatican’s New Secretariat for the Economy

Australian Cardinal George Pell

Well, I didn't see that coming!Cardinal George Pell, Metropolitan Archbishop of Sydney, Australia, has just been appointed to head a new Secretariat established by Pope Francis to coordinate economic and administrative affairs of the Holy See and the Vatican City-State.The new Secretariat for the Economy was endorsed by both the Council of 8 Cardinals established to advise the Holy Father on governance and the Committee of 15 Cardinals which oversees the financial affairs of the Holy … [Read more...]

Vatican Announces a Hiring Freeze

Vatican finances

It's tough everywhere!Today, the Holy See announced a hiring freeze in an effort to offset budget shortfalls.   In addition to stopping new hires, the Vatican also suspended salary increases and overtime.  Pope Francis hopes that volunteers can be used to provide the labor needed to make up for the eventual attritition.Carol Glatz, writing for Catholic News Service, reported that Cardinal-designate Pietro Parolin, Vatican Secretary of State, sent a letter on February 13 to all the heads o … [Read more...]