A Symphony in the Trees: It’s Katydid Season!

When I was a child, I had a picture book about insects.  Each creepy critter was briefly described by the author, including an onomatopoeic description of the insect’s chirp or whistle or buzz.The katydid, I learned in that book, had a distinctive call that sounded like “Katie did, Katie did, Katie did-did-did.” *     *     *     *     * We drove up our driveway last night at around 11 p.m., and there they were!  Just one night before, the skies had been silent—and now, thousands of the gre … [Read more...]


This morning over at the Deacon’s Bench, Deacon Greg Kandra wrote about a House Blessing in which he had participated.  Having read his story—twice in fact—I find myself in a story-telling mood!When my husband and I moved to our home six years ago, we were taking a big step and we knew it.  Oh, our home isn’t huge—we have no marble staircase, no media room, no butler’s pantry….  What we have, though, is a bunch of trees—"big stuff” to us, former suburbanites accustomed to life on a city block.  … [Read more...]

ALL THINGS GREAT AND SMALL: The Lord God Loves Them All (Including Squirrels)

What a wonderful world this is! (Grrrr….)   I was meditating today on the inherent value of living things. That is, I was taking a deep breath, clearing my head, refocusing my attention on the wonders of creation—especially the little animals who are my neighbors, like the squirrels who build their nests in our trees. That’s a better approach, I think, than grabbing a shotgun or a slingshot and enforcing our sovereignty over our little acre. But sometimes I’m tempted!*     *     *     *     * W … [Read more...]