Mark Zuckerberg, the Sisters of Mercy, and the Simple Life

Nun in habit

Back in the days when religious sisters wore habits, it was commonly understood that there were several reasons why religious orders embraced the veil.  Long robes to the floor and wimples that hid the neck were modest, to be sure, obscuring the body's soft curves.What's more, their long habits freed religious sisters from fashion needs which consumed the time and energy of other women:  things like hair rollers and bobby pins, earrings and necklaces, lacy slips and blouses, nylon stoc … [Read more...]

Come On In, Get Comfy! Pope Francis’ Relaxed Attitude Means That People Are Taking His Seat

Pope Francis with child in his chair

Pope Francis continues to surprise and charm with his warmth and hospitality.I see a meme developing:  Pope giving up his chair to someone…. a soldier, an athlete, a child…. and choosing to stand.Back in April, when we were just getting to know him, Pope Francis brought a chair (and a sandwich!) outside to a member of the Swiss Guard who had been assigned to guard his doorway at the Domus Sanctae Marthae.In June, Pope Francis invited 17-year-old Alberto di Tullio, who has Down synd … [Read more...]

A TALE OF TWO PRINCES: William and Casimir

Prince William of Wales, engaged to the beautiful and winsome Kate Middleton, is the man of the hour.  With his elegant fiancée at his side, William has graced the covers of society magazines.  The eldest son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles (and the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II), William has, from earliest years, been groomed for the monarchy. Second in the line of succession to the British throne, William was educated at the best schools around the United Kingdom. He toured the worl … [Read more...]