Cats Cradle

In his 1963 novel Cat’s Cradle, science fiction writer Kurt Vonnegut introduces a fictional polymorph he calls “ice-nine.”  According to Vonnegut, ice-nine is an alternative structure of water that is solid at room temperature.  It acts as a seed crystal which, when it comes into contact with liquid water below 45.8° C, causes the rapid freezing of the entire body of water.In Cat’s Cradle “Papa” Monzano, the badly ailing dictator of the mythical island of San Lorenzo, while dying of inoperabl … [Read more...]

The Breakfast of My Dreams

I’m not one to remember my dreams when I wake up. My husband, on the other hand—well, he’s a Really Fun Guy in the mornings because he’s so full of stories about saving the world from blue rabbits while armed with only rubber bands and shaving cream…. At least I can dream vicariously, listening to his patchwork adventure tales.Last Sunday, though, I woke from a sound sleep with memories of a fantasy world of my very own. The vision was so vivid, so credible.… Perhaps, I thought, my lingering re … [Read more...]