Fr. Hubert Schiffer and the Jesuit Priests Who Survived Hiroshima

Fr. Schiffer - news clipping

I wish I could tell you that I'm related to Jesuit Father Hubert Schiffer.  I've asked family members, hoping someone will be able to prove that he's a second cousin twice removed....  But while we know of two priests among my husband's ancestors, Father Schiffer's name doesn't come up.I like to imagine, though, that we have some kind of special link.  Two Schiffers with a common destination.Father Schiffer's story has been on my mind lately for at least two reasons:On July 29 Theo … [Read more...]

Best Wishes to the Jesuits and the Redemptorists As They Celebrate Their Founders

Pope Francis meets with the Jesuit community in Rome

This week, Catholics celebrate the lives of two great founders:Thursday, July 31, is the feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits).  Ignatius was first a soldier of Spain; but he took a cannonball in the leg, requiring several surgeries and a lengthy recuperation.  During the months when he was bedridden, Ignatius read the lives of the saints; and deeply moved by their piety and their example, he resolved to be instead a soldier for Christ.  He founded th … [Read more...]

“Evangelical Leaven”: First Jesuit Pontiff Pens a Letter to Jesuits’ Superior General

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“The Jesuits, ah, the Jesuits.  They know everything—but nothing else.”The wisecrack is attributed to an Italian nun who spoke in 1991, on the 450th anniversary of the founding of the Society of Jesus.   And while the Jesuits have enjoyed a reputation for scholarship, playing an important role in founding and operating institutions of Catholic higher education, at the same time it is well known that some prominent Jesuit theologians have publicly dissented from official Church teaching.  In 1 … [Read more...]