Facebook vs. the Good Book: Which Is More Popular?


FACEBOOK is ten years old, and the social media giant is celebrating—offering minute-long videos commemorating its users' experience on-line. The Facebook videos are popular this week, with people commenting on what they've learned about friends they know only through the Interwebs. Facebook has an estimated 757 million daily users—some 143 million in the United States and Canada.One interesting factoid uncovered by Associated Press:  About 400 billion photos have been shared on Facebook. Tha … [Read more...]

Why Marry? Texas Pastor's "Bed-In" Gets It Half Right

Why marry?The Catholic Church teaches that there are two purposes for marriage, and that these two purposes have equal weight.  The two purposes are unitive and procreative—or, stated simply, (1) growth in mutual love between the spouses, and (2) the generation and education of children.This is so obvious, so self-evident, one is tempted to say, “Well, duh….”  Of course marriage is about sex and babies!But in today’s sex-saturated society, with contraception and the hook-up culture and abor … [Read more...]