Joseph Bottum, Man of Letters, Pens New Carols for Christmas

Joseph Bottum is one of the nation's most widely published and influential essayists--in fact, earlier this year I reviewed his recent book An Anxious Age (spoiler:  I loved it).But did you know that he's also a composer?  Apparently,  Jody has been writing Christmas carols for several years.  In a recent column on "The Font" at Patheos, Bottum explained why he writes  Christmas songs: "...We need what we lack, here in late modernity—a living connection with the past, a density of referenc … [Read more...]

Joseph Bottum’s “AN ANXIOUS AGE”: He Had Me at ‘Hello’

Bottum - An Anxious Age

Joseph Bottum's important new book An Anxious Age: The Post-Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of America, has been sitting on my bedside table for a few months, just begging to be opened and sampled. I read a lot of books; I enjoy them, I often report on them. I just hadn't gotten around to this one. Yet.In fact, I'm not too proud to admit that it took a Comcast line breaking in our front yard (and the resultant loss of internet and cable service) that made me sit down this evening and crack … [Read more...]