They say that there are two kinds of people in the world:  those who always finish their sentences, and those  *     *     *     *     *  In our happy household, there is one of each kind.  My husband always finishes his sentences.  He also balances his checkbook, folds his t-shirts before stacking them neatly in the drawer, and backs into his parking space so the car will be ready to pull out in the morning.  Me?  I flit from one idea to the next, dump my clean laundry into the drawer, and lon … [Read more...]

FROM SOUP TO NUTS: Family Is Forever

Today, I had intended to release the recipe for my husband’s homemade pumpkin pie.  (Actually, it’s not originally Jerry’s recipe.  Many years ago, listening to WJR Radio, he heard the chef from Greenfields Restaurant in Detroit discuss Thanksgiving desserts, and he copied the recipe and made it his specialty.  Since Greenfields burned to the ground many years ago, I guess now Jerry is the “keeper of the secret recipe.”) However, we’ve moved since I last read the “secret recipe”; and today, I … [Read more...]


I love it when I learn a new word.  Sometimes I hear the word on the radio as I’m driving, and I scribble it on a napkin while revving the engine at a red light.   Sometimes I run across the word while reading, just before sleep overtakes me; and I grab a highlighter from the bedside drawer to mark my new treasure, thus preventing the word from drifting off to join my forgotten dreams.Nancy Pelosi earned sneers and eyerolls earlier this year for a word of her own, when she explained that she mu … [Read more...]