For a moment I wondered, Is this too sappy?  Too wrought with emotion?But no—This is Mary in her humanity, glowing with love for her newborn.  And it’s Jesus—winsome, eliciting coos and cuddles as only a baby can do.  It’s one of my favorite Christmas paintings.May the Christ Child smile on you and yours this Christmas season, and may the New Year bring you every grace and blessing. … [Read more...]

MARY, THE MOTHER OF GOD – Honored in World’s Largest Stained Glass Window

The largest stained glass church window in the world is in [choose one]:  (1) Cologne, Germany;  (2) The Vatican;  (3) Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France;  or (4) Covington, Kentucky.If you guessed “The Vatican,” you are wrong!  That distinction goes to a church right here on American soil, the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption in Covington, Kentucky.The cathedral’s north transept window, measuring 67 feet in length by 24 feet wide, depicts the Council of Ephesus, the ecumenical counc … [Read more...]

JUST IN TIME FOR MOTHER’S DAY! St. Anne, Patron of Detroit

REPOSTING from last year, because of the holiday this weekend!Now there’s a mother to admire!  Just imagine dinnertime at the home of Saint Anne, mother of the Virgin Mary and grandmother of Jesus!  All the sharing, all the prayer, all the joy that must have filled that happy home!Just in time for Mother’s Day, Saint Anne, mother of the Virgin Mary and grandmother of Jesus, has just been named the patroness of Detroit. It’s been a big week for the city!  We have been waiting for the P … [Read more...]