St. Joseph’s Near Detroit’s Eastern Market Gets Help Through the “Mass Mob” Movement

St. Joseph Church - Detroit

St. Joseph Catholic Church stands across the street from Detroit's historic Eastern Market.  The 141-year-old church has a proud history serving the German settlers in Detroit; but in recent years, a failing economy and shifting population have meant financial uncertainty for the beautiful edifice.Enter the Mass Mob Movement.Patterned after a similar program in Buffalo, Detroit's "Mass Mobs" attend weekend liturgies one Sunday each month at a struggling inner city church, bringing needed … [Read more...]

What’s New In New York? A Catholic “Mass Mob”

A Mass Mob at Buffalo's Our Lady of Perpetual Help

You've seen "Flash Mobs" surprise shoppers in the mall, enchant tourists in the National Museum of Art, and bring the strains of classical music to European street corners.Now there's something new:  In Buffalo, New York, there's the Catholic "Mass Mob"!In that city, as in many metropolitan areas around the country, stately churches in urban areas are losing their congregations and struggling to remain open.  So mobs of Roman Catholics are showing up at some older churches--filling the p … [Read more...]