Seven Nuns Among Victims in Mexican Bus Crash


Seven Catholic nuns died late Saturday in Puebla, in east central Mexico, when the bus in which they were riding plunged into a 260-foot ravine.Members of the Order of the Most Holy Savior and Saint Bridget (the Bridgettines), the sisters--who ranged in age from 20 to 46--were returning to their convent after a visit at a retirement home in Ciudad Serdan.Two men perished in the crash, as well; and two other nuns from the same community were seriously injured and remain … [Read more...]

Poor Mr. President—There’s Just Too. Much. News.


Well, I’ll bet Mr. Obama is sputtering into his beer.  Just as it seemed things were getting kinda quiet on the religious liberty front, along come the Catholics to stir the pot. By now, you’ve heard the news:  Forty-three Catholic dioceses and organizations filed suit today, asserting that the HHS Mandate is unconstitutional.  Dioceses including Washington, New York; the Michigan Catholic Conference (representing all the dioceses in the state).  Universities including The Catholic Universi … [Read more...]

With a Spark in Their Hearts: Verastegui’s Vision


It was my privilege last month to attend a Hollywood screening of For Greater Glory, with a talented cast including Andy Garcia, Eduardo Verastegui, Ruben Blades, Eva Longoria and the young Mauricio Kuri.  The film, which opens in theatres on June 1, was screened before an audience of broadcast and print journalists; then the following day, we were given the opportunity to interview actors Andy Garcia, Eduardo Verastegui and 14-year-old Mauricio Kuri, and director Dean Wright.My full review … [Read more...]