“Spiritual Mediocrity, Doctrinal Confusion, Uncertain Commitments, and a Negotiated Truce With Sin: The Bitter Fruits of False catholicisms”

It was more than ten years ago that I fell in love with Greenville, South Carolina.  Greenville is located in the Upstate, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  From the highway, you can catch a glimpse of the mountains to the northwest; and it’s an easy drive to Charleston and the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast.   The weather is balmy—with four distinct seasons, yet so warm compared to our Michigan home. Greenville’s tree-lined Main Street, featuring a lively shopping district patt … [Read more...]

ALL THINGS GREAT AND SMALL: The Lord God Loves Them All (Including Squirrels)

What a wonderful world this is! (Grrrr….)   I was meditating today on the inherent value of living things. That is, I was taking a deep breath, clearing my head, refocusing my attention on the wonders of creation—especially the little animals who are my neighbors, like the squirrels who build their nests in our trees. That’s a better approach, I think, than grabbing a shotgun or a slingshot and enforcing our sovereignty over our little acre. But sometimes I’m tempted!*     *     *     *     * W … [Read more...]


We lost a mighty tree in our front yard this winter.  It was an ash, and yes, it was already dead—defeated by Michigan’s pernicious emerald ash borer.   When it toppled during a windstorm, it brought down the electrical wires, snapping a wooden pole, pulling the meter off our house and taking out the cable and internet in one fell swoop.  The weight of the massive trunk wrestled the roots from the damp earth, and 80 feet of bark and bole and branch sprawled across the lawn. Looking at the snarl … [Read more...]